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Chesapeake Feline Association 

Spay and Neuter Services

The Miss Spay surgical suite enables low cost and no-cost Spay and Neuter services for family pets and for cat population control of community strays.

​What is Spay/Neuter?

Spaying is the procedure used for female cats. Neutering refers to the procedure used for male cats. In both cases cats’ reproductive organs are removed. Through spaying or neutering, you can help your cats have a happier, healthier, and longer life. In both cases the operation is performed while the cat is under anesthesia.

Why Spay or Neuter?

Did you know that nationwide less than 20% of the cats turned into animal shelters are adopted or turned over to other rescues? As a result, over 4.5 million animals are euthanized every year because they do not have a home. Most of these animals are young, healthy cats and kittens that were the result of unintended and unwanted litters of household pets.


Spayed cats are less likely to develop breast cancer and will not be at risk for ovarian or uterine cancer, while neutered males will not get testicular cancer. Neutering male cats also reduces the risk of injury and infection, since intact males have a natural instinct to fight with other cats.

Services for Community Strays (Trap/Neuter/Return)

Community strays are found in your yard, in shopping center parking lots, in public parks and everywhere. If you are aware of a community cat, consider participating in the Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program, critical to decreasing the stray population and helping the homeless cats. TNR is a program in which we trap, neuter, and release cats back into their environment. Click
here to find out more about the program.

Services for Family Pets

The Miss Spay surgical suite offers a low price/no-cost option for family pets, (and the extended pets that showed up in your yard, and you now feed on the porch). Anyone can utilize the low cost services and income-qualified* families can receive free services. The services include Spay/Neuter services and Rabies vaccine. The Miss Spay suites goal is to ensure cats are not over
populating just because no one can afford to have them fixed. Click here to find out more about the services.

*If you are receiving federal or state financial assistance or otherwise meet the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, you may qualify for our program. You will be required to provide proof of low income.

Our Programs

To learn more information and to schedule an appointment, please select from one of our programs listed below.


Miss Cat's General Spay and Neuter Surgical Suite Voucher includes Spay or neuter, distemper and Rabies vaccine for the low cost of $125. This program is open to the public.


General Spay and Neuter Program

Low Income Spay and Neuter Program

CFA offers a Low Income Spay and Neuter Program for income-qualified residents of  Cecil and surrounding Maryland Counties. Voucher includes Spay or neuter, distemper and Rabies vaccine.


TNR Program

for Stray Cats

TNR is a program in which we trap, neuter, and release cats back into their environment.  Inviduals seeking assistance through the TNR program, must be a resident of Harford or Cecil County.

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