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Chesapeake Feline Association 

an image of a handsome tabby cat sitting down with a bowtie collar

Thank you for your interest in providing a life-long home for one of our cats.  The completion of this questionnaire is the first step toward what we hope will be many years of happiness for both you and our rescue cat.  Once you have answered all of the questions, one of our volunteers will review your application. Please allow 7 days for the complete processing of your application. 

​We do not respond to incomplete applications.

We do verify health information with your veterinarian.
We do a background check on all applicants and their significant other.

Please note: Adopters must reside within 200 miles of North East, Maryland (21901).

We also do not travel to adopters or transport.

Some additional aspects of the application process may include:

  • Scheduling of a home visit

  • Verification of your current or previous pet’s medical history with your veterinarian;

  • Phone interview

  • We will make two attempts to contact you to let you know you have been approved/disapproved.                

  • If we have not heard from you within 24 hours of the last call, we will file your application

If your application is approved, you will be asked to sign a legally binding contract when adopting your cat. The adoption fee is $150 for a single kitten under 1 year of age or $200 for two kittens under 1 year of age. For all cats 1 year and older, adoption fee is $75. This adoption fee helps to off-set the cost of some of the veterinary expenditures such as spay/neuter, age appropriate shots, distemper vaccination and deworming.

​Once the paperwork has been completed and the non-refundable adoption donation fee is paid, you will be able to take your new companion home. You will need to provide a carrier for transport. We may contact you after the adoption to follow up and ensure your cat is settling in well.

Prior to submitting an application, please note the following conditions: ​

  • You must have valid identification showing your current address and your age.

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to adopt from CFA.

  • If you are renting, we will need a copy of your lease that shows that you are permitted to have a pet.  If you own your home, we do verify home ownership.

  • You must be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for a cat.

  • All of your current animals MUST be up-to-date on vaccinations.

  • You must be willing to provide a life-long commitment to the care and well being of your cat.  If you are not prepared to make a lifetime (cats can live 15 – 20 years) commitment to an adoptive pet, please look elsewhere

  • Chesapeake Feline Association does not allow or disallow adoptions based on an individual’s race, gender, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age or disability.

  • Chesapeake Feline Association reserves the right to refuse the adoption of any cat without stating a reason.

  • Chesapeake Feline Association, Inc. is not financially or legally responsible for medical or any other expenses incurred by this animal once the adoption papers have been signed

Please remember that completing this application does not guarantee an adoption approval.  We want the best match of personality, temperament and home environment for both the adoptive family and the cat. We are looking out for the best interests of our cats.  
​We are the only voice they have!! 

Ready to add that special furry friend to your family? Click on the button to complete our Adoption Application!!

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