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Volunteer Application

CFA will allow a child 16 and OLDER to volunteer on their own. Any child UNDER 16 must have a parent or legal guardian with them while they are volunteering. Please provide the name of child UNDER 18.

PLEASE NOTE, all applicants 18 OR OLDER, must complete their own volunteer application

Will anyone else be volunteering with you? 

Please list any allergies or physical, medical (including pregnancy), psychological limitations or disabilities that might hinder you from safely participating in any area of the program

Please indicate all areas you are interested in volunteering

After your application has been received, we can discuss availability. Please indicate your general availability


If volunteer is UNDER the age of 18, Legal Guardian must type full name here. Please ALSO read and acknowledge the next statement as well.

By typing my name below on this application, I acknowledge that I have answered all questions truthfully. I am 18 or older. Failure to provide truthful answers can result in the forfeiture of your volunteer application to Chesapeake Feline Association. Chesapeake Feline Association requires a background check for all volunteers and will contact you once this process has been completed. By signing my name on the Chesapeake Feline Association (CFA) website, I acknowledge that I waive any and all medical, civil, or to adhere claims against CFA arising out of the performance of my volunteer duties, whether for an on-site volunteer-related injury, personal injury, or otherwise. I assume all liability if I am injured while engaged in volunteer work for CFA. I attest that I am covered by a valid medical insurance policy. For the purpose of promoting the mission of CFA, I hereby grant and convey all rights, title, and interest in any photographic images of me made in connection with volunteer activities conducted by CFA to the be solely used for documentation or publicity purposes.


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